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By now you’ve probably heard me speak about Sitting Pretty Lifestyle, my new lifestyle company and now it’s time to try it.  

I’m very excited to share with you about my new startup! The official launch isn’t until September, but if you are receiving this email, you are considered a valued client and an important member of my life, and your involvement in this new venture is very important

As the Founder & CEO of Sitting Pretty Lifestyle Brands, LLC, I am committed to helping new members take action on their goals and command their careers not just through engaging and authentic images but through many other ‘media ready’ tools.

But before we launch, I wanted to personally share with you a few important things—what it means for you, what Sitting Pretty Lifestyle is, why I created it, and how you can get involved.




After three years of building and working on A. De Vos Photo, Inc., I came to realize that doing ‘just’ photography wasn’t enough to serve my clients in the way that I truly wanted to. Not only because photography is now ubiquitous (meaning that most likely each one of you reading this has a camera in your pocket) but also because there are many blocks -- psychological, financial, practical and social -- that keep people from having the beautiful, empowering online presence that they deserve!

Not only because photography is now ubiquitous (meaning that most likely each one of you reading this has a camera in your pocket) but also because there are many blocks -- psychological, financial, practical and social -- that keep people from having the beautiful, empowering online presence that they deserve!

So, I’ve spent the last few months really formulating on how to break down those blocks and create breakthroughs for people around their ability to be on camera, what to do once they have those great images and how to sustain it all.

In order to do that, I’ve been building a killer team of some of the most talented professionals in the “looking good” realm that will provide the additional expertise needed to support members and how to help them get what they want in their lives.



Sitting Pretty Lifestyle is an innovative ‘image improvement’ startup revolutionizing the way individuals command their online (and in-life) presence. With leading advice and resources that were previously only available through expensive one-on-one consultations and studio sessions, Sitting Pretty Lifestyle combines Photography, Style, Beauty and Public Relations into an easy-to-participate three month workshop platform with focused, real-world advice that empowers individuals to take control of their professional pictures (and lives).




I have had too many heart-breaking conversations with people who ‘hate having their picture taken.’ I’ve come to realize that when people say that, it has very little to do with the picture and everything to do with how they feel about and carry themselves and about the impression they think they’re able to make on the world.

Having done thorough market analysis, I have concluded that while there are many ‘photographers’ out there, offering headshots at very cheap prices, there is very little in the market to help people truly feel successful and fulfilled in their ability to be in front of a camera, any camera, not just mine.

For something that’s such an important part of life—one's personal image - aka YOU—I firmly believe there should be a wealth of resources and information to set you up for visual success!

As of now, what ‘camera-shy’ people generally do, is either avoid being on camera all together, or suffer through having bad photos because they believe they aren’t capable of something better . Or, or worse yet, they’ll settle for a doing a bad photoshoot because ‘it’s better than nothing’ and they don’t want to waste money on something they’re convinced won’t turn out well.

What they don’t realize is the true ‘cost’ of this attitude; nowadays! Nowadays, your audience’s first impression of you is from your online platform!. If you’re working with images that don’t even resonate with you…. How do you think it lands for someone who’s never met you?. Or worse, when they do do they meet you, there’s a disconnect between their expectation and who actually shows up.

People buy from people, people buy from people they like and trust, people buy from people who match their perceived criteria of who they think that person should be. This isn’t just in business either, it’s in your dating lives too!

So, if you’re working with images that your audience can’t relate to - you’re losing money, connections, and sadly, your confidence and ability to feel self-expressed.

Rather than let people succumb to this downward spiral,  I wanted to create something that would actually help people improve their day-to-day lives.

And that is how Sitting Pretty Lifestyle was born. Sitting Pretty Lifestyle enables me to share all that I’ve learned from serving my private studio clients to a larger audience. I’ve been able to scale what I was able to offer photography wise and add in the expertise of other professionals to create an on-demand, in-person three month experience at a lower price point and with expanded results.

‘Visual success’ goes way beyond what happens in the studio - It extends into your Primary Aim for life, your goals for the next five years, your personal and professional style, how you manage your beauty and grooming and how you market yourself through various channels.



Our first workshop, will launch late September! It is an all day, once a month, in person experience designed to mimic working one-on-one with me, as well as a panel of skilled coaches, to help members understand just how satisfied they are, or are not, with their current online presence and to work and develop a plan of action to address what about ‘being on camera’ drives them crazy. We make ‘being media ready’ a smart strategic career move.



For the month of July, I am offering a limited number of studio sessions to “Early Adopters” who want to get up to date with their online presence and who want to help me further understand what services and expertise I can offer future clients from their point of view.




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Thank you for asking! As we launch this brand new company, we’re all ears to feedback, advice, and support. Here are some ways you can help right now:

1. Let me know what you think about the Sitting Pretty Lifestyle.

Like any successful company, we’ll constantly be improving our products and service. In fact for some of our members it may be useful to include their teams too, to help increase confidence and online engagement. Use the discount code ILOVETHESPL to receive 20% off and let me know what you think!

If you do want to buy this for a team, shoot me a note and I’ll set you up with a special group price.

2. Get to know SPLB on your favorite social media channel.

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3. Help spread the word.

Getting the word out is going to be critically important. As we grow our community of motivated professionals (like you!) on social media, share with your community news and updates about the Sitting Pretty Lifestyle.

Here are two helpful links to get you started…

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4. Stay tuned!

We have big things on the horizon! In the interim, I welcome your suggestions, introductions, and feedback.

I can’t wait to share The Sitting Pretty Lifestyle with you. As always, thank you for your support.






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Personal branding photography for your business.


Sitting Pretty Lifestyle for your


But something’s holding you back:

  • You know that the key to growing your career/love life is having a powerful online presence, and yet you feel powerless to move forward

  • You want to be able to show up for photo shoots, social and networking events, dates and video chats looking elegant, impeccable and accomplished.

  • You'd love to be able to jump at the chance to be a guest at a speaking event, make a video performance, or pose for a random picture without worrying if you know how to ‘work the camera’ or not, or if you have a decent enough photo to submit.

  • You want professionally done photos where you look confident yet approachable and that you can use on any online platform. And admit it, you secretly want to Sit Pretty in real life too.

Imagine, if you had images so incredible you could not WAIT to start showing up (and showing off) online?