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All About Sitting Pretty and Amber De Vos

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What is Sitting Pretty Lifestyle Photography and how did it come to be?

"Sitting Pretty Lifestyle" is a philosophy as much as it is a business. Everyone wants to make more money and be more attractive. So, "sitting pretty" has a double meaning: not only being successful in life but also literally sitting pretty on camera to create a more attractive, alluring you.

I spent 12 years freelancing for some of New York City's greatest photo agencies, like Getty Images, Patrick McMullan Company, Women's Wear Daily and more. I have photographed some of the most amazing events and powerful people imaginable and I have learned a lot. I know what it takes to stand out in a crowd and how to engage people quickly and comfortably. I understand how fashion speaks to a person's brand and personality. I am an expert at reading a crowd and telling a story.

And while I love doing that kind of work, I wanted to bring all that glitz, glamour and know-how back into my studio, and work with people one on one who don't yet have the glitz and glamour (but want it and want to work with someone to help them get it).

If you do not have professional photos of yourself for personal and business use, you are missing out on financial and relationship opportunities that you might not even be aware of.

Hence, Sitting Pretty Lifestyle was born - it's my way of working with real people who are committed to being at the top of their field and living their best life. They know they want to be more attractive, and they want to evolve their look alongside their careers and personal lives and they know that I'm just the professional to help them get it.

How is Sitting Pretty Lifestyle different? What sets you apart?

My philosophy isn't for everyone. While everyone might say they want to be more successful and attractive, it takes focus and ambition to actually achieve it.

For some people, a $200 headshot or having a friend with a camera photograph their events is 'good enough.' And that's true, for people who don't care to shine or show off.

What sets Sitting Pretty Lifestyle apart, besides my nearly 20 years of experience behind the camera, working with some of the most famous people in the world, is my passion to truly discover the person in front of my lens and capture their essence in the most authentic and engaging way.

I help them to look and even feel more attractive, on set and in their images, and this helps them make more money. People prefer to engage with people they like. And if they like your photo, they like you!

I know that sounds too good to be true - People hate having their pictures taken and often it shows! But I have developed a signature onboarding process that delves into their personal brand, creates a vision of who they want to be and facilitates our experience on set so that it's actually fun and the pictures come out great.

This requires that my clients are ready and willing to invest in themselves and their futures, beyond just getting a nice picture of their face. I work only with those individuals and companies who recognize that photography is one of the most important and valuable investments. You absolutely get what you pay for when it comes to professional photography.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not behind the lens?

I currently live in New York City and one of my favorite things to do is go out and explore. Even though it's big and loud, it is full of an incredible energy I've never experienced anywhere else. I love wandering around with my little Leica DLux 6, capturing interesting street stories, fascinating characters, and iconic New York scenes.

I also love to travel and just recently visited Cuba and France.

I also train Capoeira, a beautiful Brazilian martial art also known as dance fighting. It's the best full body workout, and it's good for the spirit, too.

What is the future of Sitting Pretty Lifestyle Brand?

I am a true entrepreneur, always thinking of other ways I can make a difference in the world and help people "sit pretty," so I also run a boutique "artleisure" clothing line that features my art photography on various pieces of clothing - they're rare, super foxy and versatile. Check them out here. (Link?) And by the fall of 2018, I will also be launching an elite dating coaching business, focused on helping people be as attractive as possible, inside and out. Stay tuned for that!


Be sure to check out the rest of www.sittingprettylifestyle.com to see Amber's work, and if you're one of those ambition people who wants to be even more successful and attractive and needs great photography to help you get there, schedule a complimentary phone consultation with Amber to learn more. Amber De VosPhoto by Amber De VosAmber De Vos by Amber De Vos


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