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Why It Pays To Pay For Professional Headshots

July 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

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“It’s just a picture.”

“Do I really need a professional photographer?”

“I have a camera, can I just do it myself?”


These are all common thoughts we run into all the time when advertising our professional headshot service. In the modern, digital age where everyone has a camera at the touch of their fingertips – whether it’s on a smartphone or a “fancy” digital SLR camera – not everyone sees the benefit of professional portraits. But, benefits there are, and here’s just a few:


Your online profile is your digital business card – Sure, business cards are still around, but they’re not used quite like they use to be. Most people use the card long enough to search your name on LinkedIn, and then your online profile takes over. Once on your profile, you become more than just a name on a card, business contacts and potential clients put your name with your face and all of your accomplishments and skills that are listed right below your picture.


Want the best of both worlds? Put your headshot on your business card too. You’ll automatically be more memorable before someone searches for you online, and when they do go to search for your profile, it’ll be easier to find you (especially if you have a more common name.)


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A professional headshot shows you’re serious – Would you show up to a job interview in beach attire, wrinkled clothes or anything else that’s not suited for that place of employment? Of course not – if you want the job, you’ll put your best foot forward with your interview skills AND your appearance. The same goes for your professional digital profile – once people are on your site, are they seeing a professional who is ready for business, knows their stuff and is willing to show up prepared?


For business owners, your face IS the face of your business – If you are a small business owner, you really can’t afford to NOT have professional headshots. Even if you’re in the “startup” phase, you don’t want your business to look like it’s in the startup phase. Professional photos enhance your biography page, add an element of legitimacy to your company and can prove useful for marketing and branding material.


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You’ll look good – Think about the last time you got your haircut. You may have gone into the salon with disheveled hair that needed a good wash, but when you left you probably felt like a million bucks, ready to take on the world. Why? Psychologically, if you look good, you’ll feel (and perform) good. It’s an instant confidence boost, and the same goes for photos. A professional knows all about the right lighting, positioning and of course, Photoshop to help you look your best. The effects of quality images where you like how you look are far reaching.


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Your team will thank you - Professional headshots for your team are important for all of the same reasons individual headshots are important, and then some. Your website is your company’s digital business card, and you’ll want to display your talent in the best light. Professional headshots show you take your company serious and you invest in the quality product or service you provide. Your employees are also the face of your business - make them look good and they’ll make you look good.


To learn more, set up a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Amber De Vos to learn more about how you can make more money for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.


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