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Think Beauty Tricks are Just for Ladies? Men Need Them Too!

January 26, 2017  •  1 Comment

Sitting Pretty and Handsome v. 1

Surprisingly, a high number of my clients are men. Why is that surprising? Because most people seem to think that only women are interested in getting in front of the camera and making a good impression.

But there are just as many high level professional men who understand that personal branding is important, and therefore so is having great pictures to represent you. 

However, it is true that men do not know as much about "beauty" as the need to when it comes to being "camera-ready."

"Sitting Handsome" is an on-going blog series dedicated to educating and inspiring men to take their grooming and personal style to the next level. Every segment, we will feature a helpful tip or trick that can be used for photo sessions, and every day use alike.

Soren d.
A. De Vos Photo Studio, NYC
August 06, 2013
Photo by Amber De Vos

This first segment is about that most basic 'grooming task' - shaving.

Often times, my male clients will ask me "should I shave?" and the real question is - 'do you usually shave?' If the answer is yes, my answer is yes. If the answer is "sometimes", then I generally recommend that my clients come to the studio with their 'beard' intact and to bring razors with them if they want to shave mid-session. That way, they have both looks to choose from.

For some fantastic shaving techniques I found these great infographics from Advanced Dermatology and Salon Supply Store.

For those who prefer to rock a beard, the second infographic gives some great suggestions on how best to maintain a beard if you have one.

To see more helpful men's grooming tips, feel free to check out my Pinterest board "Men's Grooming" and stay tuned for more blog articles.

Just for my blog readers I've put together some awesome personal products on our Sitting Pretty Lifestyle astore.

If you have your own tips and suggestions on 'successful shaving' I'd love to hear them, please leave in the comments below.







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