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Welcome to the Sitting Pretty Lifestyle (SPL) Blog. We are excited to be launching! Many of you may be readers of the previous blog at A. De Vos Photo. Others of you may be connected via Facebook and/or LinkedIn. And some of you may be new to the Lifestyle!

The SPL Blog is dedicated to connecting readers by our underlying philosophy, “those who consistently ‘sit pretty’ on camera, consistently ‘sit pretty’ in life”.

This Blog is intended to provide practical tips, relevant information and timely insights for entrepreneurs and professionals wishing to connect with their audience, have fun, and look good in the process.

We take the aspects of all forms of personal care and personal branding, merging them together with helpful online tips to meet digital demands shaping consumers, businesses, and brands alike.

We will also share notable news and promote services that we find of interest in order to help guide our readers through portrait sessions and other on-camera moments to be prepared to ‘sit pretty’.  

It is our sincere hope that you, our readers, will use the SPL Blog as a valuable resource for your own needs and also the needs of your colleagues, friends and clients. Our goal is to engage you with interesting and digestible posts to help ordinary people do extraordinary things on camera.

A majority of the articles here are authored by our resident photography expert, Amber De Vos. Amber brings her individual experience and keen perspective into what matters.

We will also have curated guest bloggers periodically to provide targeted audiences on how to marshal your personal image for a more engaging and authentic digital persona -- fundamental for creating your consistent and empowering online presence.

We welcome feedback, comments and your ideas. Feel free to comment and elicit further dialogue on a particular blog topic. Happy reading!

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