Does it seem like your colleagues, prospects, or potential love interests aren't taking you as seriously as they should be?


Have you been waiting on a promotion that never seems to come, even though your people to people skills are on point?


Have you been updating your hairstyle, make-up and wardrobe and people seem surprised when they finally meet you in person?


Then perhaps it's time to take a good look at your current profile photos - on both your professional and personal media. Often, we overlook our pictures as unimportant or confronting, when that's the very thing that's been holding us back!

If the pictures of you that currently come up seem out-dated, homemade, like a passport photo, or even worse, like a police mug shot, they could be costing you money, dates and worst of all, respect.


When you don’t have up-to-date professionally done portraits, your audience may come to the conclusion that you don’t take yourself or your career seriously, so perhaps neither should they.

How you look in your public pictures is sometimes the first time a person will actually see you!  And when they look at your less-than-flattering picture, what will their perception be about you? Less than flattering.


But Sitting Pretty Lifestyle is here to help! We offer a number of comprehensive, yet effortless, sessions for both professional and personal use. We can help you take your public image to the next level, all while having a lot of fun doing it! Check out these testimonials from some of our satisfied clients!

Our portrait photographers have over 10 years of studio experience and have helped all sorts of people to feel comfortable, even excited, while in front of the camera. We have created hundreds of images that have helped our clients get jobs, promotions, dates and gain an overall elevated sense of self-confidence and inner beauty. Our studio is conveniently located right in the heart of Manhattan.

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All our listed packages include

Time in the studio with the photographer

Professional studio lighting and set equipment, professional DSLR Camera, Multiple lenses

A comprehensive pre-session on-boarding questionaire and visioning process 

30 minute pre-session wardrobe and grooming phone consultation plus additional email support

Multiple looks for both personal and professional use

Head and 3/4  and full length shots of each look

Editing, processing, post production and light retouching on all deliverable final select images

A private delivery gallery

1 year storage for all other select images

Unlimited, non-exclusive, lifetime personal usage


Packages & Pricing for Individuals:

  • Package A "Professional Prowess" = $798
    • 2 hours in the studio
    • 2 unique looks and outfit changes,
    • 3 online and print resolution deliverable final selects


  • Package B "Best Foot Forward" = $1,398    *Most popular*
    • 3 hours in the studio
    • 3 to 4 unique looks and outfit changes
    • 6 online and print resolution deliverable final selects
      • A complimentary gift set of 2) 5x7 prints of each final image


  • Package C "Vanity Fulfilled" = $2,498
    • 4 hours in the studio
    • 5 to 6 unique looks and outfit changes
    • 12 online and print resolution deliverable final selects
      • A complimentary gift set of 1) 8x10 AND 2) 5x7 prints of each final image


  • A la Carte:
    • First two hours in the studio = $199
    • Each additional hour in the studio = $100
    • Each additional participant (pets included) = $199
    • Each online resolution image = $199
    • Each online + print resolution image = $299
    • Each 5x7 print = $59
    • Each 8x10 print = $199
    • On location = request estimate
    • Full Day = request estimate


Packages for Company Teams and Buddy Sessions

  • Packages start at $996
    • Minimum 2 hours in the studio = $199
      • each additional hour = $100
    • Minimum 2 participants = $398
      • each additional participant  = $149
    • One look per participant
    • Each online resolution deliverable final select, per participant = $199 ~ or ~
    • Each online resolution deliverable final select, per participant = $299
    • No limit on how many deliverables per participant
    • On location may cost extra.
  • For teams of 7 or more people = request an estimate


We offer generous referral rewards too! Earn credit towards future bookings by sending us your friends and colleagues!


To hire one of our experts, please email us or call 646-817-8146!